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DIY Wiring? Installing light fixtures yourself..these are the books that I have used.

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

These are updated versions of the books I have used for years for my home repairs and renovations.

I saved about $7500 by doing my own electric work for our kitchen extension project. And yes everything took twice as long as I thought would but it was worth it and not too bad with the Black and Decker Advanced Home Wiring book. 

I even pulled all my own permits and the electrical inspectors made sure my work met or exceeded local codes.  Remember to understand your electrical panel before doing any advanced work is started. Working with electrical wiring and electric panels can be dangerous! Nervous? get a professional otherwise, you need this book. 

What did I do? While the original plan was to keep much of the current wiring on the old portion of the kitchen--that did not work out. Once I saw so match patchwork and unsafe work I ending up removing all the old wiring except for the wall oven wiring for which I just had moved over a few feet.

I installed, outlets, recess lights, pendants, flush mounts, a chandelier and outdoor lanterns. My work also included washer and dryer electrical connections. Plus, alarm wiring, phone wiring, cable tv wiring, Ethernet wiring and built-in speaker wiring. And without these books, the 3-way and 4-way switches could not happen.

I have the information about the books below with links to Amazon for easy purchase. You can see some of my during and after photos of the project bel


If you need to change or add a dimmer or installed a new light fixture The Complete Guide to Wiring has everything you need.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON AMAZON

Black and Decker: The Complete Guide to Wiring

2020 Electrical Codes

Working Safely with Wiring

The only way you can possibly manage home wiring projects safely is to understand how electricity works and how it is delivered from the street to the outlets in your home. The most essential quality to appreciate about electricity is that the typical amount that flows through the wires in your home can be fatal if you contact it directly. Sources estimate that there are about 50,000 electrical fires each year causing 450 deaths, 1,500 injuries, and 1.3 billion dollars in property damage. Home wiring can be a very satisfying task for do‑it‑yourselfers, but if you don’t know what you’re doing or are in any way uncomfortable with the idea of working around electricity, do not attempt it. This chapter explains the fundamental principles behind the electrical circuits that run through our homes. It also includes some basic tips for working safely with wiring, and it introduces you to the essential tools you’ll need for the job. The beginner should consider it mandatory reading. Even if you have a good grasp of electrical principles, take some time to review the material. A refresher course is always useful.

Black and Decker Advanced Home Wiring, CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON AMAZON

5th Edition: Backup Power - Panel Upgrades - AFCI Protection - "Smart" Thermostats - + More 

The new, 5th edition of BLACK+DECKER Advanced Home Wiring does more than simply make incremental changes to match new national electrical codes. It includes several never-before-seen projects that will challenge even the most experienced home DIYer.

Some of these include: a step-by-step demonstration of the right way to wire a three-way switch in any situation; a closer look at new "available neutral" requirements and how they impact traditional wiring configurations; new information on weatherproof boxes and conduit; a primer on three-phase power; and a guide to 240-volt circuitry that eliminates all the confusion. These are higher-level projects, but ones that offer high rewards when they are done right.

The latest home wiring products and techniques are also featured in this new edition. If you already have a good understanding of the basics of home wiring and electrical systems, this is the book you need to take your game to the next level.

Here are some photos from my kitchen extension project:

The lighting from www.lighttrends.com

Hudson Valley Lighting Randolph 1 Light Pendant in Satin Nickel 2623-SN

Visual Comfort E. F. Chapman Georgian Small Chandelier in Antique Nickel CHC1131AN

Hudson Valley Lighting Geneva 3 Light Flush Mount in Satin Nickel 715-SN

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