• Emerson Cooke

How to choose the right size outdoor lantern.

First Impressions are lasting impressions. 

The entrance to your home or property is the first and last impression your guests will have about their visit. Lighting that entrance sets the style and mood for its owners.

Choosing a fixture that is properly proportioned to its surroundings is critical. The following series of photographs are used to illustrate this point. Your local lighting showroom can offer expertise in helping you select the correct fixture for your application.

This diagram has helpful hints for sizing and outdoor lantern:

Pier mount configuration on a 30" square pier, size, and scale of the fixture to its environment is crucial. If you still have doubts or questions, your local lighting showroom can help. Click the photos for a larger look. Our choice is the largest peir mount lantern.

Home owners often make the mistake of selecting outdoor lighting fixtures that are too small. The photos above show different size fixture of the same design in the identical installation. Let your eyes be the judge. One size does not fit all!  Once again our choice is the largest wall mount lantern.

Most home centers offer only smaller sized outdoor lighting fixtures. The photographs above clearly illustrate the need for larger scale lighting fixtures. A small size lantern is not recommended for use on a 6' residential post, which looks best with a lantern 20" high or larger.  Our choice is number three.

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